Fact Sheet for Student Exchange  

Institution’s Name  

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (CQUPT)  


Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges  

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, No.2 Chongwen Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing 400065, China  

Tel. 0086-23-62487785  

Fax. 0086-23-62487912  

E-mail: wenjin@cqupt.edu.cn  




Campus Location  

Chongqing City, 40mins ride from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and 25 mins from the central of Chongqing  

Application Deadline  

 Admission for spring Semester: December 5th of every year  

 Admission for fall Semester: April 15th of every year  

Application Details  

All other application documents and materials should be submitted and managed through the international office of the home university of exchange students. All students are required to provide the following documents in electronic one:  

1) Application form for admission with one photo (attached)  

2) Certificate of enrollment at your home university  

3) Latest official transcript  

4) A letter of recommendation  

5) Autobiography and study plan  

6) Photocopy of Passport  

Application Procedure  

The application should be consulted and processed between designated staff members at home and host institutions, not on an individual basis  


Successfully pass all learned subjects at home institution  

If a student choose the program taught by English, he or she does not need to take any Chinese language proficiency. However, they are recommended to take Chinese Language Courses at CQUPT.  

Visa Requirement  

Foreign students seeking study in China should have a student visa(X visa) which can be obtained in the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. When applying for visa, students are required to submit “Certificate of Admission” and “visa application form (JW202)” which will be officially issued by CQUPT  

Arrival Day  

Exchange students are expected to arrive immediately before each  

Semester starts according to the  schedule.  

“Orientation handbook” of every year will send to you with the “Certificate of Admission”  

Airport Pick-up  

CQUPT will arrange free airport and train station pickup for international students on condition that specific information about flight number or Train number and arrival time are provided to the International office at least 5 days in advance by email. Email address is : wenjin@cqupt.edu.cn  


400RMB each semester  


 Exchange students are guaranteed on-campus dormitory at their own expense and payment is made in cash upon arrival.  

 Dormitory fee : Single room 800 RMB  

                  Twin room 350 RMB/ pre person  

Dormitory fees will be subject to change each semester  

Academic Schedule  

▣ Spring Semester  

• Classes: March  ~ July (20 weeks)  

• Summer Vacation: July~ August  

▣ Fall Semester  

• Classes: September  ~ January (20 weeks)  

• Winter Vacation: February  

More detail information please see the academic calendar  http://www.cqupt.edu.cn/cqupt/public_rl.shtml  

Course for Exchange Students  

Incoming exchange students are free to choose courses regardless of their study fields after consultation with academic advisors at home university. See  http://english.cqupt.edu.cn/ for detail information.  

Chinese Language courses are offered for exchange students.  

Most of the programs are taught by Chinese, and there are only two programs named Electronic Information Engineering (Bachelor degree) and Management Science and Engineering (Master degree) are taught by both English and Chinese.  

Average Course-load per semester  

Undergraduate: 12-25 credits  

Graduate: working in the lab with supervisor  

Tuition Fee  

Tuition fees are waived during the exchange period. The students only need to pay the insurance fee RMB400  

Estimated Living Expenses per Month  

Minimum living expenses are estimated at about RMB1500 /per month, including room, meals and Miscellaneous  

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